The company “Chateau Vartely” is a modern enterprise producer of high-quality wines from the best European grape varieties, supervising process from vineyards to bottling with application of the best know-how on the highest world standards. 

The area of Chateau Vartely vineyards is 250 hectares, from which 150 hectares are located in Central Zone (Jors de Sus) and 100 hectares in the Southern zone (Bugeac). 

Chateau Vartely winery is operating with newest processing, storage and wine bottling equipment of leading German and Italian manufacturers, allowing to process during a harvesting time and to store 500,000 decalitres.

They sell their wines worldwide, and their export destinations include; UK, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania.

The basic characteristic of Moldovan people is hospitality. In Moldova the guest will always be met warmly with kindness.

The hospitable owner always will have a jug of a good Moldovan wine, and the most tasty dishes. In the main tasting room of the Chateau, visitors will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the wines of Chateau Vartely. In “World Collection” tasting room, visitors will be presented with the greatest in Moldovan wine collection from 5 continents, where you can appreciate the advantages and character of the drink from different wine-making regions of our planet.

Chateau Vartely is an example of the young and dynamically developing company aimed to achieve all goals and gaining of recognition.