Salcuta is the wine-making enterprise and is located in the homonymic village Salcuta, Causeni Disctrict, in the Southern-Eastern zone of Moldova, which was called “the heart of wine-making”. Actually life of the company has started on April 3, 1995 when the joint Moldovan-Belgian Venture “Salcuta” LLC was established on its basis.
It is commonly known that good wine can be produced only, when it is really possibly for the wine maker to control the whole production cycle from planting of vine seedlings to wine bottling and delivery of goods to shop counters. Following this principle JV “Salcuta”  LLC has arranged among the first in the country its own production in order to be able to produce own seedlings, to plant and grow own vineyards and produce wines of own raw materials, which helps enterprise to maintain year by year the high quality and original formulations of its wines.