The wine is produced from Viorica grapes – a local grape variety grown in Moldova since 1969, and is rightly considered a symbol of Moldovan white wines. The grapes are manually harvested from our own vineyards, located in Purcari region.
The aroma of wine harmoniously interweaves a lot of flavors: muscat notes, spices, condiments with a predominance of bright, memorable flavor of basil. A light aeration helps to open up the flower and fruit flavors: acacia, apricot and citrus fruits.
Protected Geographical Indication

  • Wine alcohol percentage: 13%
  • Wine Collection:Viorica
  • Wine grapes type: Viorica
  • Wine producer: Timbrus
  • Wine type (red, white, rose, sparkling): White
  • Wine type details: Dry
  • Vintage: 2018
  • Wine unit quantity: 750ml