The Heart Of Wine Making

Salcuta is a family-owned wine-producing company founded in 1995 and located in the picturesque village of Sălcuţa, Căuşeni district, in the southeastern part of Moldova. One of the main family visions is that a good wine is produced when the winemaker has control over the entire production cycle from planting the vineyards to bottling the wine and delivering the final product. Therefore, Salcuta has arranged among the first in the country its own production to plant and cultivate its own vineyards, which in turn constantly helps the winery to maintain the high quality year by year and the unique formula of its wines. As of today, the winery, the knowledge and passion of previous generations in the art of making wine are implemented day by day in order to maintain the excellent quality of wines.

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Unique blends

Sălcuţa Winery has an extensive portfolio of wine harvested from over 400 hectares of family’s own vineyards, including varietal wines, Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) wines, matured wines and unique wine blends from the varieties chosen by the winery’s talented winemakers. The unique composition of the soil, the limited rainfall volume, the frequent presence of sun, as well as the proximity of the Black Sea and the Dniester River contribute to the creation of well-balanced wines from both local and international grapes, with a superb individual taste with Protected Geographical Indication.

Attention To Every Detail

The secret of Salcuta wines is more than a perfect technology for grain harvesting and wine processing. It is the dedication, the attention to every detail, the constant care of the earth and the vine and, in the end, the talents of the winemakers. Production facilities and technological processes create an environment for producing red and white wines in the best conditions. In addition, its winemakers are constantly looking for new technologies and solutions to expand the range and create authentic quality wines.


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