How We Began

Fossils of grapevine leaves have been found in Moldova dating back over 6 million years ago and winemaking can be traced back some 5000 years! To say that Moldovan wine is steeped in history is a bit of an understatement. At Novus BH Magister, we would like to introduce ourselves as a part of this rich heritage and why we are so proud to represent Moldovan Wines in the UK.

Our grandparents were Moldovan winemakers and it was a tradition for all the relatives to gather on the vine plantations to participate at each stage of the grape cultivation and harvest. We have many happy memories of our childhood, spending our summer holidays with our grandparents and helping tend the vines. These family gatherings have always been a reason to meet up again and to remember the past, to share a joke or two and to spend valuable time together.

Moldova Wines

Our Grandparents

One of the stories, which our grandparents liked to tell, was about our great-grandfather. He had been a devoted Moldovan winemaker like his descendants but as well as making the wine, he was also the owner of the local village hostel and pub. The hostel was situated in the centre of the village and was always a popular and busy place, not least because of the great hospitality enjoyed by travellers who stopped there. He was renowned for his great wine and friendliness, a quality that is evident in our parents and grandparents too.

Our grandfather inherited the same house from our great-grandfather, in the same place in the centre of the village, close to the shops and to the bus station. We remember when we used to go for a walk through the village with our grandfather; if he met someone he knew he would invite them back and offer a glass of wine. It was never an issue because the barrels were full all year round due to the large quantity of wine produced… until the new harvest. For our grandparents, the pleasure was to have enough wine to sell and to be hospitable.


The Harvest

We fondly remember how the grapes were harvested and how the wine was made, not least the harvest and winemaking process of our parents’ small “Pinot Noir” plantation.

The whole family took pride in the wine. Our parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts were always talking about the production of the wine and discovering its finest qualities.

We are so proud of this heritage and these traditions and want to preserve them for future generations but also to introduce these values and passion of our ancestors to the people in the UK.

The fact that our wine is now internationally recognised is a source of immense pride to us.


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